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Mac Lion Full Screen

Alright, I’ve heard of this full screen mode in Mac OS X Lion. How do I toggle back and forth between full screen and what I’m used to?

Here are the buttons you hold down.

Comman + Shift + F

Multiple Gmail Accounts

So I have more than one gmail account and I don’t want to have a different browser open to be logged into each one. Is there any way to be logged into multiple accounts at the same time in different tabs?

Yes, yes, there is. Go here to enable multiple sessions.

Once that is complete, you can log out of your current gmail account and log back in. You’ll then be allowed to switch accounts. This is where you can log into another account. See the screen shot below.

Google+ Cheat Sheets

I just got this invite to Google+. What is the deal with Google+? How do I use it?

Google+ is a new social network that is directly linked to your Google identity. Here is a cheat sheet I found on Mashable.


Quickly Get Back to Desktop

I have a bunch of windows open, how can I get back to the windows desktop with a hotkey?

If you have a windows keyboard (which most are), use the following steps.

  1. Hold down the logo key
  2. Keep logo key pressed and press the letter ‘D’


DQL Find Folder Path

Okay, someone has sent me the document name in Documentum, how can I figure out where to look in the docbase?

You have to run a couple of DQL statements. Here are the steps:

  1. select i_folder_id from dm_document where object_name = ‘myObjectName’
  2. Retrieve the value returned, now known as myFolderID
  3. select r_folder_path from dm_folder where r_object_id = ‘myFolderID’


Picture of iPhone Screen

I have a really cool FaceTime going, can I take a picture of it and save it for later?

Yes you can.

At any point while on your iPhone,  you can take a screen shot. Here are the steps.

  1. Press and hold down the home button
  2. Press the lock button at the top-right hand of the phone

It will then take a screen shot of your iPhone and save it in your photographs.

Task Manager on Mac OS X?

Gosh, my mac is running really slow, is there any equivalent of ‘Task Manager’ on a Mac to still what the resource hog is?

Yes, yes there is. Here’s how you get to it.

    Applications –> Utilities –> Activity Monitor

Here is a screen shot:

DQL Query Using Dates

How the heck do I query using dates in DQL for Documentum? I’ll use a simple ‘select’ statement to depict this:

    select * from object_type where date-attribute date(’06/23/2011′);

That statement would search for anything later than the date specified. Here is an example:

    select * from dm_document where r_creation_date date(’06/23/2011′);

Finally, if you want to narrow the search down to a timestamp as well, you can. Here is that example:

    select * from dm_document where r_modify_date date (’06/23/2011 13:30:00′);